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Red Dirt Orthodontics is proud to provide teens in Oklahoma City and Yukon Invisalign and Spark aligners for Teens! Invisalign and Spark aligners for teens are a series of clear, removable aligners that are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Each set is slightly modified to move your teeth into their new positions!

I have enough to worry about…

The team has a game this Friday night, homecoming is in a month, and what about my yearbook pictures?! Don’t stress: Invisalign and Spark aligners for teens won’t turn down any dates or leave you to hide out in your room for two years! Invisalign and Spark aligners for teens are a perfect fit for your lifestyle! These aligners are…

  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Comfortable
  • Customized just for you

Invisalign and Spark aligners for teens were made with you in mind! A convenient and barely noticeable blue dot placed on the inside of the aligner gradually changes to clear as you wear them. Once clear, it’s time for your new set! You even get six free replacement aligners in case some get lost or broken!

  • At your complimentary consultation with Dr. Erickson you will discuss what your orthodontic treatment options are.
  • Dr to examine your bite and jaw, with some scans from the iTero scanner.
  • After all of that your aligners will be custom made for you!

Of course you can! With these clear aligners you can still eat and drink all the popcorn and pizza you want!

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign Teen is removable which means you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth!

It’s your life, keep it that way!

Invisalign fits in with any extracurricular activity or sport! Whether you’re swimming, out on the field throwing the football or just playing the flute with the school’s band, you don’t have to worry about your braces getting in the way!

Invisalign Teen gives you a whole new way to wear braces for a ‘clearly’ amazing smile!

Invisalign is a great approach for some patients. Whether you are in Yukon, Oklahoma City or any of the surrounding areas, contact Red Dirt Orthodontics to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you! (405) 227-0054.

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