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Dr. Erickson is a member of the American Board of Orthodontists, this means he underwent special training to provide the highest level of patient care. He and the talented staff at Red Dirt Orthodontics are extremely friendly, helpful and always there to make your experience with Invisalign or braces go smoothly!
You may choose to have braces to improve the look of your teeth and smile. Or you may need to have braces to correct a problem with your bite and keep your mouth and jaw healthy. No matter your reason for undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are some lifestyle changes that come with it. Rest assured, they are minimal and Dr. Erickson will be there for guidance and concerns throughout the duration of treatment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The initial consultation visit is for you or your child and our orthodontist to determine if we’re able to help you with your orthodontic needs. We’ll complete a series of photographs, digital scans, x-rays, and an oral examination. After all of the data is gathered, the Treatment Coordinator and Dr. Erickson will meet with you in a separate consultation room to go over options available, treatment choices, and costs involved.

All new patient consultations are complimentary. We do not charge for any services until treatment is scheduled to begin. Your exam, x-rays, and models are all included in the cost of treatment. If you choose not to proceed with getting braces, you will not be billed.

The price of your treatment will depend on variants such as:

  • The type of braces that you’re getting
  • The length of treatment
  • How complex your bite needs are
  • If additional procedures are necessary (such as surgery, etc.)
  • Any benefits through your insurance provider

Please note that we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining all fees during the time of your consultation

At Red Dirt Orthodontics, we offer two convenient locations and flexible appointments with a board-certified orthodontic specialist. Dr. Erickson has extensive experience in corrective techniques for individuals with atypical oral anatomy.

We provide comprehensive braces for adults, children, and teens. This includes traditional braces, growth modification and early intervention techniques, as well as clear or removable orthodontics.

Yes! Most insurance plans are welcome. We also have flexible financing options and payment plans to supplement any treatments not covered by your dental policy.

All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontist. An orthodontist has another 2-3 years of formal education in the field of bite correction therapies in addition to four years of dental school.

The length of treatment varies from one person to the next, not to mention it’s dependent upon the type of braces they are wearing. Most people require 12-18 months to complete their orthodontic therapy; some more, some less. We can provide you with a more precise estimate at the time of your individual examination.

During your examination, we’ll evaluate your oral anatomy and dental health to determine if you can proceed with treatment. In most cases, your teeth and gums will need to be free of cavities and disease.

Most orthodontic patients need to be seen for an adjustment or follow-up exam about every six weeks. For treatments like Invisalign (where the aligners are sent home in advance,) the appointments may only be every eight weeks.