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Transform Your Smile & Afford It!

When you look in to your mirror you may be wondering just what would it cost to transform your smile. Here in Yukon and Oklahoma City we at Red Dirt Orthodontics help patients decide every day what orthodontic treatments and adult braces are best for them. This includes just how to make it all affordable.

Affordable Braces

Some adults will hesitate to have braces because they wonder what is the cost of transforming that smile of theirs. They have lived with it their whole lives but have always wondered. They would just love to continue with a self-improvement plan by transforming their smile, too. A fabulous smile will increase anyone’s self-confidence. Fortunately, we are able to help patients every day to find out just how affordable braces can be for them.

Sometimes adults have been known to hesitate to have braces because they wonder about how it looks to others or how long it takes to be finished the whole treatment. Going to the gym or other self-improvement take time, and transforming a smile takes some time, too. A better smile is well worth it. Transforming a smile can transform a life!

What we are finding is that most adults are now opting for Invisalign. Invisalign is an invisible series of clear aligners. They are customized to your own teeth and will straighten them much faster than traditional braces can. Fewer office visits and even less time for the overall treatment is the result. In the meantime, nobody can even tell that you are wearing the aligners.

When it comes to how to afford adult braces and Orthodontic Care using Invisalign we do everything we possibly can to make sure that the braces cost does not stand in your way to achieve the transformation you want in your smile. We believe that the cost of your treatment should never stand in the way of you achieving a straight, healthy, transformed smile.

We accept most types of insurance. Bring us the information about your insurance and we will figure out what is covered.

We do offer affordable monthly payment plans. Talk to us. We want to help.

Your HSA account will also provide you with the extra funds that you need when your insurance maximums or limits have been reached. Your Health Savings Account is tax free from federal taxes. Use every penny!
Don’t assume anything about your insurance. The coverage might be better or worse than you imagine. Orthodontic coverage is very different from regular dental coverage.

Adult braces in Yukon and Oklahoma City are affordable here at Reddirt Orthodontics. We will work with you to make a plan to make sure you can finally have the smile of your dreams! We love to watch the transformation of smiles, but even more dramatic can be the transformation of the personality behind the smile. That’s how we know we make a positive impact on the lives of our patients. Let’s transform your smile and your life, too!

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